Whitedog member Gerilyn Fisher is recent graduate of the Lakehead University nursing program, and she's been working at the district hospital in Kenora during the pandemic. During a recent interview, she talked about the experience.

"There's a really big learning curve, especially being a new graduate, but I was able to be part of a mentorship with a few nurses, which helped," she said.

Fisher grew up in Wabaseemoong, where she attended Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School, before moving to southern Ontario for her last year of high school and college. However, she moved back to the northwest to pursue her university training in Thunder Bay.

At Lake of the Woods District Hospital, Fisher says she's getting used to working with patients during the pandemic, while wearing personal protective equipment.

"I think people right now can understand the situation of why we always have to wear a mask. The patients themselves also wear a mask, although they're usually home made so they also protect themselves in that way, too. It's probably going to be the new normal for the next few months, I would say," she added.

It's been quiet so far, since no patients have been admitted with the coronavirus yet in Kenora, but health experts are warning about the possibility of a second wave, which could come at a time when hospitals are trying to catch up with cases put on hold, as well as during flue season.

In addition, Fisher thanks all those, who helped her along the way, as she realized her dream of becoming a nurse.

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