The OPP are disappointed. Despite warning drivers, officers saw a five-year high in seat-belt charges over their Easter Long Weekend Seat-belt Campaign.

In the North West Region, local officers laid 32 charges. Across the province, officers laid 1,524 seat-belt charges during the campaign.

All motor vehicle drivers and passengers are required to wear a properly adjusted and fastened seat-belt. A driver can be charged and face a $240 fine, as well as two demerit points, for an infraction. Drivers are responsible to make sure that all passengers under the age of 16 are properly wearing seat-belts or in proper car seats.

The OPP has laid 257,475 seat-belt charges over the last ten years, with 25 to 34-year-olds being issued more charges than any other demographic. 

"Last year ended tragically for 49 people who died after being involved in collisions and were not safely buckled in at the time,” said OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, Provincial Commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support. 

The OPP noted that there has been 10 seat-belt related deaths on OPP-patrolled roads so far this year. The OPP is reminding drivers and passengers that choosing not to buckle up continues to cost road users their lvies.

“Failure to wear or properly wear a seat belt has contributed to 639 deaths on OPP-patrolled roads in the last ten years. As a driver or passenger, it's important to respect the lifesaving value of a seat belt and the proven fact that the best position to be in during a crash is securely fastened in your seat." 

Transport Canada says that properly worn seat-belts can reduce the chances of death and serious injuries in a collision by roughly 50 per cent.

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