The Ontario government is working to make life more affordable for drivers across the province, by cutting the provincial gas tax.

“The reality is that people simply cannot afford the price of gas right now,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. “It’s a real problem and our government is doing something about it. As promised, we’re cutting the provincial gas tax.”

One of his first moves as Ontario’s newly re-elected Premier, Ford says the gas tax cut will save drivers 5.7 cents per litre on regular fuel and 5.3 cents per litre on diesel for six months, effective July 1.

In the Kenora area, this would reduce prices from 223.9 per litre to 218.2 per litre.

“It has never been more important to get it done and provide Ontarians with real relief,” adds Ford. “This gas tax cut will provide more relief at the pumps for hardworking families and businesses and put more money back in their pockets, where it belongs.”

Ontario says the average Ontario vehicle owner can expect to save about $465 in 2022 from the gas tax cut and Ontario’s previous elimination and refunding of licence plate renewal fees.