Premier Doug Ford is ordering a review of the Greenbelt lands in southern Ontario.

It stems from two reports that were critical of the process used to identify fourteen lands approved by Cabinet last December.

The Auditor General and the Integrity Commissioner determined the process to be flawed and favoured certain developers.

Ford says he has tasked his new Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, Paul Calandra, to take a look.

"I've asked my new Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to launch this review and, as part of this process, reevaluate the remaining land swap sites. These sites. These proposals will have to survive on their own merit. Last week, when we started the process of putting the Ajax lands back into the Green Belt, we made it very clear we have no tolerance for anyone who does anything that doesn't support building homes quickly. Minister Calandra will spend the coming days and weeks working with his officials to design and launch this review," says Ford.

Ford says they will also review hundreds of other applications for lands.

But the Premier remains steadfast on his goal to get more homes built in Ontario.

"We're going to exhaust every avenue in looking at modular homes, traditional builds. We're going to exhaust every avenue in Ontario. We're going to go across the country to make sure that if they're modular home builders, we will bring them in to know," says Ford.

"And after we exhaust all other avenues, we're going to go to the US and encourage them to open up their plants in Ontario to build modular homes."

Former Housing Minister Steve Clark resigned from his position on Monday.

Ford says he still believes in his former minister.

"And when I talk about integrity, he could sit back and say, 'you know, Premier, I want to continue being the minister. I want to continue even if you move me to another portfolio.' But he didn't. He took the best interest of the people of Ontario at heart. He took the best interest of our party at heart and said, it's time for me to step aside and let someone else move forward with this file."

The new housing minister is scheduled to address the media at Queen's Park tomorrow.