While last night’s rain and thunderstorms helped to cool off the region’s forest fire hazard, firefighters still responded to 9 new forest fires yesterday. There are currently 13 forest fires burning in the region.

Kenora Fire Number 53 has been declared out at 0.1 hectares. Kenora Fire Number 54 is not under control at 0.1 hectares and is located on an island on Bear Hill Lake. Kenora Fire Number 55 is not under control at 0.1 hectares and is located near Dalles First Nation.

Sioux Lookout Fire Number 14 is being held at 0.2 hectares. Sioux Lookout Fire Number 15 is not under control at 1.0 hectare. Both are located near Otaskawin Lake.  Sioux Lookout Fire Number 16 is under control at 0.1 hectares and is located near Lost Lake.

Thunder Bay Fire Number is not under control at 3.0 hectares and is located west of Cloud Lake. Fort Frances Fire Number 15 is being observed at 0.3 hectares and is located near Agnes Lake in Quetico Park. Fort Frances Fire Number 16 is being observed at 1.5 hectares and is located near Gilman Lake in Quetico Park.

The forest fire hazard is moderate to high in the southern portions of the region, and moderate in the northern portions.

Fire Information Officer with the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services Branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Chris Marchand, detailed some fire safety tips, if you plan on burning over the weekend.

“It’s important to follow Ontario’s outdoor burning regulations.
Fires are to be started no sooner than two hours before sunset, and extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. You should have water and hand-tools on-hand to put out your fire. You should never leave a fire unattended.”

Marchand adds that it’s illegal and unsafe to fly a drone within nine kilometers of any burning forest fire.