The Northwestern Health Unit has confirmed that the four cases of COVID-19 in the Dryden community are now resolved.

President and CEO of the Dryden Regional Health Centre, Doreen Armstrong-Ross, is hoping to clear the air and explain what a resolved COVID-19 case means for healthcare staff and the community.

She reminds the public that when a new case is confirmed, that number is constantly fluid and can be updated at any time.

“Dryden remains with just the four positive cases at this time, and all four of those cases are considered resolved. What’s important to remember, is when you hear the number of cases, that number is only accurate when that number is published.”

Armstrong-Ross notes that the local numbers aren’t as high as the hospital as feared they would see, which shows that social distancing measures are working to flatten the curve in the region, but all measures still need to be strictly followed.

“We are testing people daily and are getting results back every day. That number can change at any time. But at this time, we still just have the four positive, resolved cases in Dryden.”

Armstrong-Ross adds that hospital staff are preparing for a surge of COVID-19 patients, if the worst were to happen. The hospital has created isolation areas for affected patients to help keep other patients and staff safe.

As of last week, staff also began participating in mock COVID-19 exercises. A multi-disciplinary team of frontline staff have been training and treating mock COVID-19 patients, to prepare for local patients.

“This is a really good time for staff to look at processes to see where we can do better and what we can change, to ensure staff’s safety,” added Armstrong-Ross.

Armstrong-Ross also offered a thank you to the Dryden community for all of their support, through food and monetary donations, as well as ‘thank you’ signs to healthcare staff on front-lawns in the community.

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