Public Health Ontario is predicting a surge in COVID cases over the next few weeks.

The positivity rate has been rising since the summer.

Almost two thousand cases were documented through lab testing at the beginning of September, with 69 in northwestern Ontario.

The numbers do not include home tests that are not usually counted.

Interim Liberal leader John Fraser feels there should be a public information campaign that informs people how to protect themselves.

He says there are still risks associated with the virus, and the government needs to communicate that publicly.

"We all don't like that COVID's around or the flu is around or RSV is around. The reality is we know how we can protect ourselves through vaccines, through masking. I think we learned a lot. The government needs to do more to inform the public and make sure they're aware of the risks that are there," says Fraser.

Fraser worries that the public has become numb to COVID as they get used to being free of the restrictions that hindered activities during the height of the pandemic.

"But we have to, I think, think about what's going to happen this winter. There seems to be more outbreaks that are happening right now, and we have to take reasonable measures that are easy and simple to protect each other and protect those who are most vulnerable."

Fraser notes in the United States, the NFL and its players are doing television ads that promote the importance of keeping up with their vaccinations.

"It's not about living in fear. It's about being smart. It's about taking the right measures to protect yourself and your family."