A Dryden family is mourning the loss of their son following an apartment fire at the Glenview Rentals Complex yesterday afternoon.

Gayle Wesley and Eli Keeash were returning from Cat Lake where they attended Gayle's brother's funeral only to return to another devastating loss. 13-year-old Evan Wesley was home at the time the flames broke out and ultimately passed away. 

"He was stuck in a room and all of sudden, we saw a burst of flames come out the window of that room. Everyone was trying to get in, but there was too much smoke. It was too dangerous to go in. It was terrible," says Laura Semchyshyn, a close friend of the family. 

Semchyshyn has set up a Facebook fundraiser looking to raise money, clothing and food for the family. 

"I'm just trying to get them some clothes. But nothing I do will ever fill that void of a kid and losing everything," she added.

If you would like to help out the cause, little or big, you can visit the Help Gayle Wesley's Personal Emergency Fundraiser page. Laura Semchyshyn spoke with DrydenNow and told her story, which you can listen to below. 

Four families in total have been displaced due to the fire and had been placed at the Holiday Inn and Emergency Shelter. 

The Dryden Native Friendship Centre is also collecting donations for the affected families. Monetary and gift card donations are being accepted at this time. If you are interested in donating, you can contact the Dryden Native Friendship Centre Reception at 1-888-838-3632 ext. 2228.

The cause of the fire has not been determined. 

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