With family by her side, Galexi took her last breath in the comfort of her mama's arms at St. Boniface hospital on July 16, 2023 at 11:29 pm, after fighting a hard fight.

Galexi is survived by her loving mama, dada, siblings; Migisii, Reanna, Jonena, and big brother ‘Simbaa Jones’ Orion. Maternal kokum Lulu, Papa (BOP) Warren, Aunty Misty Sunrise, Uncle Maverick Tyson. Great-aunts Wendy, Tina, Julie, Charlotte, Sheila, Shelly, great uncles Wabbit, Toowaas, and Yankee. Paternal grandpa Ron Redsky, Super Aunty Vee (Bren), Aunty Bev, and uncle Aaron (Desiree), Uncle/shoomis’ Marvin, Donny, Kokum Laura, kokum Nancy. Galexi’s cousins; Tyrick, Avery, Coby, Ellie, Aubree, Knightly, Couradge, Derien, Realle, Taylor, Ryver, Aries, Maddy & Dean & many extended relatives too numerous to mention. She was predeceased by her Great grandpa Cecil White, Bumpa Thomas White (Clarke W. Griswald), grandpa Donald Blackhawk, cousin Ash, cousin Coddy Kot, Aunty Destiny, Kokum and Shoomis Bird. Kokum Verna and her cousin Prairie Rose.

Galexi was born at St. Boniface Hospital at 11:57am. Galexi was unique. She knew when her mama was around. The nurses loved her name as she got many compliments, Mama will always be proud of her name. Galexi got her name because mama and dada loved to stargaze. Teilah after her great aunts Tina & Sheila. Farrie in loving memory of mama's childhood besties Farrah and Laurie. Sunrise to share with her aunty Misty Sunrise. Galexi loved being read to, Mama always sang, read and hummed to her. She was a warrior bumblebee princess. Galexi loved the song ‘Joy of My Life’ by John Fogerty, she would be relaxed when it played. Galexi had the most biggest beautiful eyes ever. Mama gave her the nickname ‘my lilo bumblebee girl’ as she was so tiny, feisty and strong. Mama will miss you the most, my lilo bumblebee girl.

We would like to acknowledge and say Gichi Miigwetch to the NICU health teams at St. Boniface, Woman’s Hospital and CCU Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Flo, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Wu, Nurse Lynn, Nurse Ashley, Nurse Rajbans S., Nurse Irina I., Nurse Lynn J. as well as many nurses/aunties and doctors. The family also wants to say Miigwetch to special friends O’hara A, Mary R, Natalie D, Michelle O, Brittany M, Samantha C, Faith K, Raven C, White Moose Pros family, Aunty Wend, Super Aunty Vee, Mommanon, Uncle Trav, Aunty Tina, Naotkamegwanning Education, Health, Band Office. Shoal Lake #40, NWA #33, Brown Funeral Home & Cremation Centre, Shawendaawsowin (Jordan’s Principal) and donations from friends and family, gichi Miigwetch.

Wake service and traditional ceremony will be held at Papa Warren Whites’ residence in Naotkamegwanning, Ontario. Wake will be on July 21, 2023 at 11:00am. Funeral service will begin July 22, 2023 at 11:00am.

Pallbearers: Maverick, Travis, Aaron, Brennan.

Honorary pallbearers: Misty, Wendy, Brittany, Natalie, Veronica, Samantha and Kelly.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at www.brownfuneralhomekenora.com for the Redsky-White family.