Northwestern Ontario drivers can celebrate (sort of) that gas prices have dipped to under $2 again in the region. The last time that gas prices in the Kenora district were this low was back in May.

The Husky Gas Station on Lakeview Drive is the first fuel station in Kenora to report the 199.9 per litre price as well as the Husky on Government Street in Dryden, and the lowered price is expected to hit remaining fuel stations in the area over the coming days.

In Sioux Lookout, prices range between 211.3 and 220.7 per litre, with a range of 185.9 to 190.9 in Winnipeg and a range of 153.0 to 189.9 per litre in the Thunder Bay area.

Across the province, Ontario’s average price of fuel sits at 178.1, while Canada’s average price is reported to be 187.3 – with the Kenora district reporting prices higher than both figures.

The most expensive fuel in Canada can be found in Golden, BC at 219.9 per litre, while the cheapest can be found in Bonnyville, AB at 165.9 per litre.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation rates and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kenora area’s all-time gas price record was 144.9 set in May of 2013. The record’s been broken over 10 times since October 2021, when prices first hit 154.9.

The highest price Kenora hit has hit was 223.9 per litre on June 16.