The Kenora area’s gas prices are still the highest in Ontario – but they’re finally slowly dropping.

GasBuddy reports that some stations are selling fuel at $1.46.9 per litre, a sizable drop from the $1.54.9 rate we’ve been at since October 8, 2021. Other stations in Kenora are selling for $1.52.9, but many others have remained at $1.54.9.

Although, many other communities have seen much higher price drops than we have. Thunder Bay’s prices have dropped 16.5 cents in the last seven days down to $1.34.5 per litre, while Winnipeg’s prices have fallen close to 6 cents – down to $1.29.8 per litre.

The only other communities with more expensive fuel than the Kenora area are all located in British Columbia. The highest reported price in Canada can be found in Squamish, BC, at $1.61.9 per litre.

As it stands, fuel prices are up 50 cents compared to 2020’s average price of $104.9 per litre in the Kenora region, with statistics compiled by GasBuddy. Prices are up an overall of 35.7 cents nationally, compared to 2020’s rates.

$1.54.9 is the most expensive fuel price we’ve ever seen in the Kenora area. The previous record of $1.44.9 was set in May of 2013. The lowest price was $0.81.9 in January of 2009.