Gas prices have spiked once again, setting a new all-time record.

A number of service stations in Kenora are reporting between 210.9 and 212.9 per litre for regular gasoline.

This is an increase of seven to nine cents per litre since yesterday (Wednesday, June 1, 2022).

Gas Prices June 2 2022 2109.JPG

Before the fall of 2021, the Kenora region’s highest ever price for fuel was 144.9 back in May of 2013.

But in the last six to seven months, that record has been shattered numerous times. The ‘streak’ began in October, 2021 when prices jumped to a high of 154.9 per litre. Prices later spiked to 164.9 on March 3 and again on March 4 by a whopping 11 cents, bringing prices up to 181.9 per litre.

Prices hit 185.9 by March 10 and remained relatively stagnant until May 2 when prices went up to 189.9 per litre, and again to 195.9 by May 8. By May 16, Kenora drivers were paying 199.9 for regular fuel, before we went to the recent 202.9 on May 18 – officially breaking the $2 per litre mark.

Prices in June of 2022 are now up 66 to 68 cents per litre compared to the original 2013 record after increasing nine separate times in the last six months or so.