There has been an update in the story of Goaty, NWO’s travelling goat. Goaty is looking for help moving South!  

We covered the wild story of NWO’s travelling goat, affectionately named Goaty, back in mid-July. Goaty has since been living on a farm in the Lac Lu area but his journey continues as he makes his way to his forever home, Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary just outside of London, Ontario.  

To help him get there, Amy Mosionier has set up a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of his flight and flight supplies. Mosionier is looking to raise $2,500 for this mission.  

She says that Goaty will get on a flight in Winnipeg, a transfer in Calgary, before getting to Toronto Airport where a sanctuary worker will be waiting to claim him.  

According to Mosionier, Goaty will require a $500 wooden crate and approximately $300 in special equipment and supplies. There will also be a $300 screening fee, a $175 livestock cargo fee, plus his $600+ plane ticket.  

Any funds from the GoFundMe that remain unused will be donated to the Sanctuary on behalf of Kenora.  

Mosionier says that the decision to rehome Goaty was made because he was facing many rehoming issues in Kenora, she decided that it was best to just send him to have a happy life at this sanctuary.  

If you would like to support Goaty’s journey to London, check out his GoFundMe page HERE.  

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