Former forester Jack B. Harrison has been named as Dryden’s newest Mayor.

Harrison defeated former Councillor Shayne MacKinnon for the seat with 69 per cent of the community’s votes.

“I’m really overwhelmed by the support I’ve received. You never know how it’s going to turn out…but I’m really happy with the outcome,” said Harrison, after finding out the news.

“My main priority is continuing the good fiscal management of our resources, and supporting our core resources – sewer and water, infrastructure, and facilities. Then as we continue to get our debt under control, I want to improve our quality of life, our waterfront and make our city more attractive.”

Joining Harrison in Council Chambers will be two returning councillors and four new members. They include Michelle Price (1,791) and Martin MacKinnon (1,608), who will be joined by Catherine Kiewning (1,319), Bill Latham (1,423), Ritch Noel (1,494) and Bryan Tardiff (1,633).

Former Mayor Greg Wilson announced earlier this year he would be taking a step away from politics to focus further on his business and his family.