Health care restructuring is taking shape during the pandemic, and Ray Racette at the district hospital in Kenora brings us up to date.

"We're talking about regional programs that extend across northwestern Ontario. Some of them are very specialized like dialysis, cancer care, surgery," he said. 

In the Kenora area, Racette expects the new all nations health partners team is expected to work with the Ontario Health North, which also includes northeastern Ontario.

Hospital boards are working to create a regional board, which would include the district hospital. Ray Racette at Lake of the Woods has more...

"It's hard to know how it's all going to evolve," he said. 

"We have Ontario Health forming, which incorporates the LHIN's (Local Health Integration Networks), which are being merged into their structures, as well as all kinds of other entities being merged into that, as we speak," Racette continued.

At this point, the all nations health partners team would report to the Ontario North health team, which would include northeastern Ontario health providers, as well as some in northwestern Ontario, which aren't part of the all nations team, Racette noted.

Racette is also part of the All Nations hospital project, which is looking at locations for a new district hospital. His comments came following the virtual board meeting for the Lake of the Woods District Hospital Thursday evening.

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