57.1 per cent of residents across the Northwestern Health Unit catchment area, aged 12 and older, have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

When you start looking at the different health hubs that make up the region, the uptake of the vaccine differs wildly.

The Dryden health hub leads the region with 64.3 per cent of residents vaccinated, compared to about 39 per cent of residents in the Red Lake and Emo health hubs who have received their first shot.

The Medical Officer of Health at the NWHU, Dr. Kit Young Hoon says this is an issue the health unit is looking into.

"We are looking at it and exploring it and discussing it [at the health] to get a better sense of how best to address the low coverage rates," said Dr. Young Hoon.

She adds that it is challenging to know what the true cause is for low vaccine uptake in some communities and that the health unit is reaching out to community members to get a better sense of what the barriers to getting vaccinated are.

"I think there is a fair bit of misinformation about the vaccine that could be circulating on social media," said Dr. Young Hoon, pointing to one of the potential reasons for vaccine hesitancy in the region.

Dr. Young Hoon noted that residents should seek out information from trusted sources if they are unsure about vaccines.

60.4 per cent of Ontarians, aged 12 and older, have received at least one dose of vaccine to date.