Northwestern Ontario had summer-like weather on Wednesday as the region broke a 44-year-old heat record for the day.

Environment Canada Meteorologists say the Kenora Airport recorded a high of 19.4 degrees on November 2, shattering 1978’s record of 16.1 degrees on the same day. The normal high for November 2 is about 2 degrees.

This comes after the Kenora area was just shy of breaking a nearly 70-year-old record on November 1, as temperatures reached a high of 13.3 degrees – below 1958’s record of 15 degrees.

But Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says temperatures are expected to start dropping again over the weekend and into next week with showers and possible flurries in the forecast.

“We’re back to something more normal now. We’re kind of sandwiched between the unusual cold of Alberta and the prairies with snow and cold temperatures, and the incredibly mild temperatures of 15 and 20 in southern Ontario. We’re kind of in between.”

Kimbell reminds residents that with snow in the forecast later next week, it’s the time of the year to start putting on their vehicle’s winter tires. Studded tires can be used until May 31 in Ontario.