Synergy North customers in the region will see an increase in their monthly energy bill as the Ontario Energy Board has issued a new rate order.

As a result of the order, it is estimated that the total monthly bill for a typical residential customer using 750 kWh on Time-of-Use Pricing in the Thunder Bay rate area will increase by 0.86% or $1.02, and that same customer in the Kenora rate area will see an estimated increase of 2.01% or $2.46 on their total bill.

The rate order was in response to a Synergy North rate filing which contained an increase to the fixed monthly charge for all customers. For example, the fixed monthly distribution charge will be increasing 3% in the Thunder Bay rate zone to $26.40 and increasing 2.7% in the Kenora rate zone to $32.50.

The new Rate Order will take effect on May 1, 2022.