Long-term care homes in the area will be getting extra help, should there be an outbreak of the coronavirus. Ray Racette at the district hospital in Kenora explains.

"Hospitals throughout the province are being asked to commit to supporting long-term care homes, if they end up getting into an outbreak situation, where they have a COVID-19 outbreak," he said.

Racette says the hospital could help provide some additional resources -- including help with infection control and PPE -- at a busy time, in the event a case of COVID-19 is detected.

Racette emphasized last week they haven't seen any admissions of patients with COVID-19, and they haven't heard of any cases in any of the long-term care homes in the district. A Ryerson study says 80 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in Ontario can be linked to long-term care homes. The university says 304 homes have seen 7,177 cases and 1,300 deaths.

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