The provincial government is setting the stage for a new housing plan.

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Paul Calandra says he ask municipalities, Indigenous leaders and others for input regarding the outstanding recommendations made by a housing task force that helped craft the current plan.

"The results of these consultations and the housing forum that the province is holding in November will be used to inform our next Housing Supply Action Plan bill, which will be introduced in 2024. This approach carries through on our commitment to have a Housing Supply Action Plan every year of the current mandate and to use the report of the Housing Affordability Task Force as our long-term roadmap," says Calandra.

Calandra says he wants to make sure that the recommendations are implemented in a manner that supports efforts to build homes and meets municipal needs.

He says his ministry is already looking to implement.

Calandra is also committing to evaluating the recommendations over the next three years and reporting to the public on the progress.

"With this in mind, my ministry will soon be launching a web page that will lay out the government's progress on the report's recommendations with regular progress updates as we move forward. Once the recommendations I have just outlined are adopted, our government will have fully implemented 23 of the Task Force's recommendations."

The task force brought forward 55 recommendations in a report to government in February 2022.

It includes the lofty goal of 1.5 million new homes built over the next ten years.

"Our government is very proud of the progress that we've made so far in tackling the housing supply crisis. But we are committed to doing more.," says Calandra.