The Dryden Police Service is continuing to ensure that their members and frontline staff stay as safe as possible from COVID-19.

Earlier this week as part of Ontario’s Police Week, the DPS held a virtual “coffee with a cop” meeting, where residents were able ask officers questions about the law and about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Chief of Police Doug Palson explained just a few of the things the service is doing to protect their members throughout these difficult times.

“When this all started, we implemented measures and put together a pandemic response plan. Key to that is the personal protective equipment, primarily surgical masks and gloves. We’re fortunate that the Ministry of Health provided us with a large quantity of PPE.”

Palson adds that PPE kits were put together for each DPS member, and public access to the King Street detachment has been restricted. The public is allowed inside, but they will be screened at the entrance.

“We increased cleaning and disinfection, three to four fold throughout the day. A lot of hand sanitizer is available. We’ve encouraged members to really be as good as they can in regards to social distancing, even inside our detachment. We’ve also used single patrol units as much as possible.”

Emergency responders, such as the DPS and Dryden Fire Service, are asking the community that if you call 911 for any reason, please let the 911 call taker know if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms.

The DPS is also asking residents who require non-emergency services, such as criminal background checks, record requests and general information, to make their requests by phone or online, opposed to stopping by the DPS detachment.

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