Between 33.6 mm and 54 mm of rain fell in Kenora as a storm system hammered the community Tuesday.

"Looking at the numbers at the Kenora Airport, we have a couple of sites at the airport, one site picked up 33.6 mm, while the other site picked up 35.6 mm. A site east of the airport picked up almost 54 mm and a site a little to the west of the airport picked up 46.6 mm," said Environment Canada meteorologist, Geoff Coulson.

"A notable rainfall for a month so far that has pretty much been on the dry side."

The rainfall record for the Kenora Aiport on August 16 is 35.8 mm. While some observation sites in the Kenora area received more than 35.8 mm, the record wasn't broken because those sites weren't at the airport and thus not official.

So far this month, 42.1 mm of rain has fallen. The average rainfall for the month of August is 84.2 mm.

Coulson notes that showers are in the forecast for the remainder of the day into Friday afternoon.

"The good news is we do appear to be turning a corner and seeing a shift in the weather pattern heading into the weekend. Lots of sunshine in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday and being notable warmer than seasonal with that sunshine expected to continue right into the work week next week," Coulson added.