Road access into Red Lake will remain cut off until at least Monday afternoon, according to the Municipality of Red Lake.

"Crews are working on repairing the washout. Water levels remain high. It is anticipated that the earliest the road may be opened is tomorrow (Monday) afternoon," said the municipality in a social media post Sunday morning.

A washout approximately 15 kilometres south of Red Lake, at Caribou Falls, has cut the community of roughly 4,000 people off from the rest of the region.

The road surface completely washed out at approximately noon on Saturday, May 7, 2022 and it is understood that a logging road, which could serve as an alternate route has also washed away.

KenoraOnline spoke with Red Lake Mayor Fred Mota Saturday afternoon, at the time he said it's unclear how many Red Lake residents are stranded outside of the community.

Mayor Mota noted that city staff have been in contact with the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital and the city's emergency management group and have contingencies in place should an emergency arise in the municipality of Red Lake before the highway reopens.

At this time, a State of Emergency hasn't been issued.