Poor road conditions and low to no visibility when driving today because of the snowstorm.

Lots of blowing snow is expected throughout the day, at least another 10cm.

Road Closures: 

  1. REOPENED Hwy 11/17 @ Nipigon, West of Dorion Loop Rd, the highway is fully blocked due to a jackknifed transport
  2. Hwy 17, From Shabaqua to Dryden is closed due to a collision
  3. Hwy 17, from Schreiber to Nipigon is closed due to weather conditions
  4. Hwy 17, both directions between Hwy 11 at Nipigon and Simon St N to Walker Lake Rd., all lanes are closed
  5. NEW – Hwy 11 closed from Hearst to Geraldton due to poor weather conditions

Take it easy out there, poor visibility and lots of blowing snow covering the roads.