The road has ended for NDP candidate Janine Seymour as she lost the Kenora riding to incumbent Conservative MP Eric Melillo.

The final vote tally put Seymour at a total of 7,499 votes, only 2,817 votes behind winner Eric Melillo who finished the election with 10,316 votes.

“The whole campaign was an emotional roller coaster tonight was no exception. I wouldn't really say that it was low’s even now it was more the impact of everyone’s feelings around it and that was overwhelming,” said Seymour

Seymour was surrounded by her friends and family last night to watch her, try and make history as the first NDP MP elected in the riding since 1984.

“It meant everything we support one another in good times, bad times and this is what we are as family and community and tonight is no different and I could not imagine not having any of my loved ones here,” added Seymour

Despite losing the riding, Seymour wanted to congratulate Melillo on his victory.

“I think Eric is great, I’ve said that to a lot of people early on because I believe it. I would like to see changes still, changes are desperately needed in this riding, changes are desperately needed in Kenora specifically to,” says Seymour

Seymour had an amazing campaign that brought the NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to the riding twice to see firsthand the issues people face on a daily basis, and the change she thinks is needed.

“I really wanted to bring people together and make those connections that didn’t exist before. Whether that translated into not the result that I had wanted that still was my ultimate goal. I think that was achieved based on the demographic, who you saw engaged in the political engagement and how different groups came out to support the NDP party and myself that meant a lot,” noted Seymour

One of the biggest priorities she wanted to bring to the region is to bring a better quality of life for people.

The quality of life begins with the Northern Ontario plan that the NDP released earlier in September that will bring a better and more affordable life for families.

This platform will create and support good jobs, protect communities from the effects of climate change, and put reconciliation into action.

In addition, other priorities she has preached throughout her campaign were national and universal healthcare as the region has the highest number of residential schools per capita.

Housing was a big issue Seymour wanted to bring up, and accessibility in terms of transportation to and from employment, as well as environmental sustainability.

Being a local lawyer from Wauzhushk Onigum, Seymour wanted to bring her powerful voice and she will continue to be an advocate to the region.

Seymour has a very diverse background of community involvement; she has served as a board member of the Sunset Country Family Health Team and Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’iyewigamig, and as a founding board member of Ahze-mino-gahbewewin/Reconciliation Kenora. Her past work includes time as a political advisor for Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh, the Grand Chief of Treaty No. 3. 

Despite the 2021 Federal Election coming to an end, Seymour added that she is not sure if she will return to politics as the next election is far away.

The 2021 Federal Election was unusual for candidates in the Kenora riding due to trying to work around a pandemic, cover a vast region, and only having 36 days to get their message out there.

Below are the results of the Kenora riding:

Kenora Riding - 148 polls reporting (98%) - As of 1:10 a.m., September 21

David Bruno - Liberals - 4,807 votes

Craig Martin - People's Party of Canada - 1,558 votes

Eric Melillo - Conservative - 10,316 votes - Elected

Remi Rheault - Green Party - 347votes

Janine Seymour - NDP - 7,499 votes