The Dryden GM Ice Dogs and the SIJHL are dealing with Hockey Canada's decision to suspend all games and team gatherings. For the Ice Dogs, the team is dealing with the loss of revenues, along with the suspension of their season. A spending freeze is in place, and management is looking for ways to proceed with business.

  • Players have been informed that the season is over.  Hockey Canada has advised us to have them on their way as quickly as possible so that has been communicated and players are making travel arrangements.
  • The year-end banquet has been cancelled, but plans for a video banquet are in the early stages and updates will be provided as soon as possible
  • Our by-laws suggest an AGM be held within two weeks of the season ending. In accordance with the gatherings mandate from HNO, this will not occur in the normal fashion. What will occur is a video AGM within that timeframe. Details of that are being worked out and updates will be provided.  
  • Effective immediately the team is on a total spending freeze. We need the time to assess the financial damage caused here, and to plan and make new budgets for the coming season to take all of this into account.  
  • Our plans through the summer will require all of you and many new people. There are new positions available to help share the workload so if you, or someone you know is interested in helping, please send us the name as soon as possible.

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