Following repeated and escalating attacks and intimidation on social media and in the real world, the Township of Ignace has instituted a zero tolerance policy towards cyber bullying.

The attacks were primarily directed towards town staff and elected officials got to the point where Interim Mayor Kim Baigrie left social media entirely.

"I just wanted to let go, we need to move forward, we need to move this community forward, and we need to support our community members. Honestly, I don't know what is being said or if it is being said, but I'm done with it, we are done with it."

The incidents Baigrie says were based upon misinformation being spread which resulted in bad actors from Ignace and beyond participating, which as a result has gotten police involved.

She adds the behavior tarnishes the community's credibility and sends the wrong messages to regional partners and stakeholders.

As a result of this turmoil council is reviewing a policy which restricts anyone who participates in the actions of cyber bullying and harassment from sitting on any committee for the township.