During the pandemic, student counsellors are making the extra effort to reach out to students, who may need extra help. Candace Kirkemeier from the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board talks about their efforts, even while schools are closed.

"We're reaching out to kids that currently are not on existing student counsellor case loads, so we know that it's working. We've had quite a bit of outreach from students to our student counsellors, and we've just started an Instagram approach a few weeks ago," she told trustees in her report on Tuesday.  

"They've created really amazing videos and they're posting daily. I think they're really having a lot of fun with it. I think we've all learned a lot, in terms of video ourselves and going beyond our comfort levels, but we have started to actually get student referals through the Instagram," she said. 

Since mid-March, Kirkemeier said in her report that they've had close to 500 responses to requests from students and families. These are in addition to interactions that may have taken place between families and other social service partners such as Firefly, Nodin and other mental health and addiction workers.

After Kirkemeier's report, trustees thanked counsellors for their work, since there's additional stress, uncertainty and anxiety for children and families.

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