Marcya Ervick grew up in Ear Falls, and she still has lots of relatives in the area, who are trying to help evacuees from Red Lake.

Her auntie, Sheila Williamson, has been busy baking, cooking and serving meals at the Legion -- even if she isn't a member of the auxiliary -- while contractors work to sort out her sewer back-up problem.

"It's really heart-warming, especially in this kind of society, for people to come together so quickly. Especially with COVID and everything going on, it's really nice to see a community still opening up their homes and making sure everybody's safe and have a good place to sleep with a full belly," said Ervick, who recalled being evacuated in the '80's.

Close to 4,000 residents of Red Lake have had to leave on short notice, due to the threat of Red Lake Fire 49. Many of them weren't able to bring food or supplies with them, so Ervick got in touch with Sysco Foods, who arranged a tractor trailer shipment to Ear Falls overnight.

The shipment included staples for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with alcohol and masks for servers and volunteers. EACOM staff have also donated toys for families. 

Donations of pet food may still be useful, as many residents left with pets but may not have thought about how to feed them, Ervick added.

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