Public servants in Ontario are ready to advocate during the spring election. Union leader Smokey Thomas talks about their support.

"Fifty-seven thousand voters have signed up. That's a huge block of voters we can reach," he said, during a recent stop in Kenora.

A new round of attack ads from the governing Liberals says the Tories will cut 40,000 jobs. Last election, the Tories were hammered for their promise to cut 100,000 public service jobs.

"Our goal is to prevent further privatizations to encourage this government, or whoever gets elected after June, to reinvest in public services and stop with the public-private partnerships. Finance it the old-fashioned way and save us all money," Thomas continued.

In his comments, Thomas noted there can be as many as 18 layers of bureaucracy between the frontline workers and a deputy minister, which he added were too many.

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