70 new fires were confirmed in the northwest region by early evening on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, according to the Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services. These fires are located in the following districts: Red Lake (20); Sioux Lookout (24); Dryden (10); Kenora (6); Nipigon (3); Thunder Bay (1) and Fort Frances (6).

There are 165 active fires in the region, 84 are not under control, 13 fires are being held, 48 fires are being observed and 23 are under control. 

The wildland fire hazard is high to extreme in the southern Nipigon and Thunder Bay districts as well as areas of Red Lake, Dryden, and Sioux Lookout districts. The rest of the region is low to moderate following scattered amounts of rain.

Smoke will continue to be experienced in Red Lake, Kenora, Sioux Lookout, and Nipigon in close proximity to wildland fire in those districts and across the far north. Smoke drift from fires burning in the western provinces of Canada may also be detectable today across much of the province.

Fires of Note

Red Lake 65 – of concern to Poplar Hill First Nation

  • Fire is sized at 16,065 hectares and is now 6km northwest of the community.
  • Monday’s rainfall of 25.2 mm is helping to reduce fire behavior.
  • Smoke continues to hamper aerial operations though the fire’s eastern edge continues to be monitored.
  • Three FireRanger crews assigned to protect the community and critical infrastructure.
  • An aerial ignition team will work to bring the fire to natural boundaries. When safe to do so ground crews will be added with support from bucketing helicopters.
  • The Ministry of the Solicitor General has coordinated an evacuation of the community.

Red Lake 51 – of concern to Deer Lake First Nation

  • Fire size is sized at 48,760 hectares and is located approximately 24 kilometres west of the community.
  • Deer Lake weather station recorded 24.6 mm of rainfall, Monday helping to reduce fire behaviour on Red Lake 51.
  • Three crews are focused on the protection of the community and critical infrastructure.
  • An ignition team is looking for opportunities to bring the fire to natural boundaries.
  • The Ministry of the Solicitor General has coordinated an evacuation of the community.

Red Lake 77 – Fire of concern to Red Lake

  • Fire is not under control at 23,404 hectares.
  • At its nearest point Red Lake 77 is approximately 28 kilometres west/northwest of Madsen and is located approximately 33 kilometres west of Red Lake. The fire has not moved significantly closer to the community.
  • A total of 30 pieces of heavy equipment and their operators have been engaged in building approximately 40 kilometres of fire guard in strategic areas.
  • New fire starts to the south of the community continue to be extinguished. Three remaining fires, Red Lake 124 (17 hectares) and Red Lake 145 (1.7 hectares) are being held. Red Lake Fire 148 is under control.
  • Crews are working alongside municipal firefighters to protect the community and critical infrastructure.

Kenora 51

  • Fire is not under control and remapped at 114,323 hectares.
  • Fire has been active over the past several days producing smoke at the local level.
  • Three crews and 12 helicopters are assigned to this fire.
  • An Incident Management Team is established on the fire.

AFFES is currently responding to many fires on the landscape. Stay informed of the location, size, status of all active wildland fires in the province on the interactive fire map at Ontario.ca/forestfire