Residents are bracing themselves for what could be 25-40 cm of snow in the region stretched over two and half days starting Wednesday (April 13, 2022).

The conditions and the amount of snow estimated to come could cause residents to be snowed in for a couple of days.

Kenora Fire Chief, Kent Readman wants residents to be prepared with a 72-hour emergency kit for homeowners and cottagers in the event they are forced to stay home.

“Some of the important things in a 72-hour emergency kit are non-perishable food so something that could sit around for a while and still be good to eat so canned items, and a manual opener,” said Readman.

“Water is super important, it is recommended for the average person four litres per day. If you’re stocking up for a 72-hour kit keep that in mind how many people are in your household. Medications, flashlight, a radio, any extra batteries, and a first aid kit,” added Readman.

Additionally, he noted that it is important to have a way to charge your cellphone in the event that the power does go out.

On Wednesday (April 13, 2022), Environment Canada is forecasting 15-20 cm of snow, with an additional 15 cm on Thursday (April 14, 2022), with the storm tapering off on Friday (April 15, 2022) with light flurries.

In the event that your house is compromised due to the weather, Readman mentioned having an emergency plan in place.

“Always be aware of friends and family that you could go to. Try to plan ahead as much as you can to have some options when this type of weather event happens.”

Environment Canada is calling for limited to no visibility due to heavy wind gusts estimated at around 70km/h and lots of snow that could cause highways in the area to close.

“Be prepared if you do get stuck – make sure your cellphone is charged, you have the right clothing in the car, clothes, and blankets. It always helps [to have] some water and maybe some granola bars.”

In the event traveling is necessary Readman wants residents to be aware of the conditions.

“If you’re planning on traveling – you have an appointment or going somewhere else seriously consider if you need to go there or do that travel in the next couple of days if there’s a way to reschedule it or do it at a different time that’s going to be much safer for everyone.”

The Canadian Red Cross has a list of additional safety tips to protect and prepare you before, during, and after and winter storm.

This winter has been very unusual in terms of snowfall as Kenora has received over 238 cm of snow from October of 2021. The average for those months combined is usually roughly 145.5 cm.

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