The City of Kenora says that garbage crews won’t be picking up north of the bypass in the affected flooded areas. Only to the west (north of the bypass) will garbage be collected.

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Due to significant flooding north of Kenora, the city is recommending that residents who live in the flooding zone areas evacuate their homes immediately. Repairs have been taken at the intersection of East Melick Road and Essex Road to ensure that people can evacuate.

The city is urging residents in highly affected areas to evacuate or be prepared to evacuate on very short notice. As water levels continue to rise there is no way to accurately predict how quickly roads can become unsafe and impassable for residents. This may leave portions of the population cut off from essential services including emergency services.

The Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg River systems are above the 95th percentile, meaning that there is more water now than there has been in 95% of the years that the Lake of the Woods Control Board has tracked. This is causing back-flow into the Black Sturgeon systems creating overland flooding.  Kenora and the surrounding area are currently in a flood warning according to the Ontario Flood Information website.  

The LWCB is forecasting the level of the Lake of the Woods is expected to rise by 22 to 30 cm (9-12 in) over the next week, which could exceed levels seen in 2014.

The Emergency Operations Centre says if residents choose to stay in their homes, and the road becomes unstable, emergency services will not be able to assist should there be an emergency. They say the safest thing to do is to evacuate now and prepare for the potential of their access being unavailable to your home.

In response to the increased flooding in that area, crews will be closing the Coker Road at Kelly Road this evening as this road is now unstable. They advised motorists should not travel on water-covered roads and motorists are encouraged to use an alternative route if at all possible to avoid the unstable roads.

City May Mya 12.jpg Photo credit: City of Kenora.