Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield's happy with local results from the provincial election.

"It was, I think, a really good news story. You know, we worked really closely with Greg, when he was the MP. He was fantastic to work with. He was always asking what we needed and how he could help us," the mayor said.

Former MP Greg Rickford's turning his focus to Queen's Park. He was elected last week as the member for Kenora-Rainy River. He joins a majority Tory government under Doug Ford.

"It was a great relationship before. I think at the provincial level it's even going to be better, because there's more of a relationship with the province, than there is with the feds," he said.

Rickford's expected to get a cabinet appointment, as Premier Doug Ford forms government.

Canfield noted he met with the new premier, Doug Ford, twice before the election. The mayor said Ford listened attentively to the concerns and issues in the northwest and the city.

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