It’s official! It has been the rainiest and the wettest April on record in Kenora, according to Environment Canada.

The 30.8 mm of rain the region received over the weekend was able to break another rainfall record for the month of April.

“It has been the rainiest April in Kenora, according to the station at the Kenora Airport, 67.8 mm was the final tally in terms of rainfall,” says Gerald Cheng, Environment Canada Meteorologist. “That broke the record of 1960 with 51.2 mm that year. It was certainly a rainy April.”

Environment Canada projected on Friday (April 29, 2022) another Colorado Low to sweep through the region over the weekend would hit the Kenora area, they predicted residents could expect up to another 20 millimetres of rainfall to finish off the month.

Cheng notes the month of April has been the wettest in terms of combined precipitation of both rain and snow, which broke another record.

“If we combine snow and rain together, the snow melted and measured it with rain, combined together 237.7 mm of precipitation. That broke the other record set back in 2011, 144.9 mm.”

Last week, Environment Canada also confirmed that Kenora broke and 62-year-old snowfall record. Throughout April a total of 66.8 cm of snow fell, breaking the previous record of 51.2 set back in 1960.

Residents can expect a bit of reprieve from all the rain and snow the region has received in the past few weeks, as temperatures are expected to be more favourable this week.

“Things are on their way up. Already for Tuesday, the forecast high is going to be into the double digits of 11 degrees. As we head into mid-week we’ll be back into the seasonal territory. Especially Thursday, and Friday and into the weekend we’ll be above normal.”

Wednesday is expected to have a high of 13 degrees, with Thursday a bit warmer at 16 degrees for a high, and Friday is forecasted to have a high of 18 degrees. Saturday will the warmest of the week with a forecasted high of 21 degrees.

The average high for the month of May is around 16.7 degrees.