The gas prices in Kenora continue to hit all-time highs!

Kenora has officially broken the $2 a litre mark, as two service stations in the city increased their price on Tuesday (May 18, 2022) to 202.9. The increased prices are expected to hit the remaining fuel stations at any time now.

Tuesday’s increase once again broke the Kenora area’s all-time highest price record, which was 199.9 that was set on Monday (May 16, 2022), dating back to 2008. The previous record was set back on May 8, 2022, when the price jumped up to 195.9 cents per litre.

As of Wednesday (May 18, 2022), the price of gas in Dryden has yet to see an increase from 199.9 cents per litre. One service station in Sioux Lookout is reporting gas being at 220.0 cents per litre. Red Lake is just a little less than Sioux Lookout reporting a price of 218. 9.

Prices across the border into Winnipeg are roughly 17 cents cheaper than in Kenora ranging from 185.9 to 187.9 cents per litre. Heading east into Thunder Bay they have a larger variation, with the lowest being 171.0 and the highest around 206.9.

Kenora is just shy of Canada’s national average gas price, which is currently at 202.3 cents per litre, which broke the previous record of 201.8 set back on Tuesday. Last year’s highest national price was 147.3, while the lowest average price was set in 2009 at 73.3 per litre.

Gas prices have increased by about 60 cents per litre in 2022 nationally, with prices up about 40 cents on average in the Kenora district. The region’s highest gas price last year was set at 154.9 on October 8.

Canada’s most expensive gas price can be found in White Rock, BC at 231.9 cents per litre, while the cheapest is in Red Deer, AB coming in with a low price of 163.9.