The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is projecting a budget of almost $110 million for the next school year.

The budget was presented at a special meeting Tuesday night and approved by the trustees.

Richard Findlay is the Superintendent of Business and says there are a couple of areas they put an emphasis on in the budget.

"Really put a focus on math and reading and de-streaming of courses in grade 9 and 10," explains Findlay.

"We've also hired a lot of math and reading coaches to work at the elbow of teachers in the schools.  So we've really focussed on that in the budget."

Findlay adds there are a couple of areas they are spending more money next year.

"About $3.2 million in new or continuing initiatives...what the government calls priority and partnership funding.  That's just board initiatives like Indigenous Education, math, reading, student transition to high school, special education and student mental health and mental well-being."

The budget this year represents an increase of 2.4 from last year, or over $1.1 million.

Overall, transportation costs are up 7 percent or $470,000 and supplies and services have increased 11.6 percent or almost $1.2 million.

There was also 2.2 percent decrease in staff salaries as a result of a loss of COVID funding.