Kenora residents were treated to a very powerful thunderstorm over the weekend that brought strong wind gusts and heavy rain to the area.

The thunderstorm flew across the prairies at speeds up to 75km/hr and even causing tornado-like weather in some parts of the prairies.

Environment Canada Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Gerald Cheng was following the storm closely over the weekend.

Cheng noted “It was pretty active [the thunderstorm], because of the heat and the humidity of course and that always comes with the territory this time of the year. Some people like a hot summer and that’s the price to pay.”

The storm started late Saturday night and continued into the early morning of Sunday, bringing very strong winds, heavy rain, and very frequent displays of heat lighting.

Kenora residents experienced a brief power outage that was caused by the storm and as of when this article was written there have been no reports of property damage due to the storm.

Cheng also noted that if people do see any kind of damage, they can tweet using the hashtag #onstorm or send pictures or reports at

Last week, extreme heat swept through the Kenora and Dryden areas causing Environment Canada to issue extreme heat warnings.

Kenora and Dryden both broke long-standing heat records last Friday.

Kenora reached a high of 36 degrees which broke the previous record of 32.4 degrees which was set back in 1988.

Dryden hit a high of 35.8 degrees which broke the previous record of 31.7 degrees set back again in 1988.

Cheng stated, for the next two weeks the temperatures will be above the seasonal average and over the next three months there is a chance for more above-average temperatures.