Liberal candidate for the new Kiiwetinoong riding and Sioux Lookout Mayor, Doug Lawrance, says that you can still vote for the Liberal party, despite Premier Kathleen Wynne’s comments. Lawrance says that he and his party have received questions and concerns about her comments, which asked voters to still vote Liberal, despite a projected electoral loss.

“Voters are being told they must vote NDP, because the Liberals are no longer an option. That could not be further from the truth. Only a Liberal Kiiwerinoong MPP will stand up against Doug Ford’s cuts and the NDPs inexperience,” Lawrance said, in a prepared release.

Lawrance says that this election is putting the Wataynikaneyap Power project at risk, as the Liberals have been the only party to support the project, which will connect 16 remote, northern communities to the provincial electricity grid. Connection to Pikangikum First Nation is planned for later this year, and the other 15 communities are set to be connected by 2024 – 2025.

“In these final days before June 7, you may still be deciding who to vote for. I encourage you to – Vote for the name on your ballot – not for or against a leader. Vote for the candidate who has been working with the Province to bring resources, not slogans, to the North. Vote for who you want to send to Queen’s Park to work effectively for you … and for our entire riding. I’m your Liberal candidate, Doug Lawrance, and I am committed to delivering fairness and opportunity for the North.”

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow. Elections Ontario reports that Kiiwetinoong had the lowest advance voting turnout in any riding across the province. However, the new riding is one of the smallest districts in Ontario, when it comes to population. Kenora Rainy-River had the fifth lowest turnout.

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