Area high school and college students are given the opportunity to take part in the LEAP Foundation virtual motivational leadership program this month. 

"The goal of the program is to create the empowered well-balanced leaders of tomorrow. So the LEAP program teaches youth how to excel in everything they do to set goals and achieve them, and become confident communicators and to be motivated to succeed and motivate others. It's a really well-rounded program," says Beaver Brae teacher Jarod Milko. 

Some topics that will be covered throughout the program include; goal setting, time management, self confidence, mentorship, effective communication, gratitude, college prep, test prep, how to land a job and many others. 

"The program features several Ted speakers, business leaders, celebrities, philanthropists, athletes, actors and special guests from many different areas," says Milko. 

Past guests to the program include Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns, actor Dennis Quaid, musicians Paula Abdul and Diplo. Milko adds that it is anticipated that Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins will be in attendance for the virtual program.  

In past years, students from Beaver Brae have made the trip down to California to attend the week-long program but, due to circumstances, this year will be virtual. But Milko adds that this gives an opportunity for more to attend. 

"This year, due to Covid and border closures, we are only going to be part of the Virtual LEAP program as opposed to sending students down to UCLA for a week. The sweet thing is, we can open the door to way more people," he says. 

Typically, the Virtual LEAP program costs $449.00, but the LEAP Foundation is offering regional students a significant discount. The program would only cost $100.00 when you register using the promo code KENORA. 

LEAP Week 2021 runs July 19-23. Jarod Milko joined Wednesday's Q Morning Show to tell us more about the program. Listen below! 

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