Leadership with Sioux Lookout’s Meno Ya Win Health Centre is welcoming local doctor Laurel Laakso as their new interim Chief of Staff.

Meno Ya Win’s Board of Directors and Senior Executive team is welcoming Dr. Laakso to the role, effective immediately. Laakso’s a family physician whose worked in Sioux Lookout for over three years now.

“Dr. Laakso is committed to the mission, vision and values of SLMHC, and in particular to the pursuit of excellence in health care for First Nations and northern Ontario communities in order to see improved wholeness, health and healing for the region,” says Heather Lee, President and CEO.

Laakso’s work includes a clinical practice in the region, work in Sioux Lookout’s emergency department, area specialty clinics, day medicine and northern First Nation communities. She’s previously served as Meno Ya Win’s Chief of Long-Term Care, promoting the excellence of care for local Elders.

Laakso is stepping into the role of outgoing Chief of Staff, Dr. Barbara Russell-Mahoney, who will be stepping down from her role at the end of May.

“During the course of her tenure, Dr. Russell-Mahoney has been instrumental in leading significant change, including the implementation of a more shared physician leadership model.”

“We want to thank Dr. Russell-Mahoney for her hard work and dedication as a leader to the organization, vision, our values, our physicians, and all of our clients and patients.”

Dr. Barbara Russell-Mahoney Dr. Barbara Russell-Mahoney, photo courtesy of the Meno Ya Win Health Centre. 

Dr. Russell-Mahoney was named the Chief of Staff in November of 2017. She had served as the Associate Chief of Staff since May of 2016.