Ember McKillop of Dryden's the Green Party candidate in Kenora Rainy River, and she's been encouraged by the response on the campaign trail this spring.

McKillop also carried the flag for the Greens in the federal election in 2015, so you could say she's got the hang of it.

"Yeah, the reception has been great, and there are a lot of people who are saying they're looking into it this time around. They're interested," she said.

Her husband, Tim, ran against Sarah Campbell in the last provincial election, in 2014.

Across the province, the Greens may win their first seat in the legislature, as party leader Mike Schreiner's been leading the polls in Guelph this spring.

2014 Results for Kenora - Rainy River

12,889 55.66% NDP SARAH CAMPBELL

5,905 25.50% PC RANDY NICKLE

3,652 15.77% L ANTHONY LEEK