The inflation rate in Canada continues to rise and every day Canadians are feeling the effects. 

The Canadian inflation rate has reached 7.7%, the highest it has been since 1983. Eric Melillo, Progressive Conservative MP for the Kenora riding, along with the rest of the PCs are raising concerns over the growing rate. 

“I raised this issue in the House of Commons – our party has been advocating for measures to address what has really become an affordability crisis,” said Melillo.  

“We suggested that the government reduce taxes, we have asked the government to reduce its spending to stop adding fuel to the ‘inflation fire’.” 

“Unfortunately, to date, the government's only proposals that they brought forward are creating more big spending programs that we believe will only cause inflation to go up even further.” 

“This government does not seem to understand the economic issues that are facing Canadians or they are not willing to offer real solutions. We are going to keep advocating into the summer to make life more affordable,” he concluded.  

Life continues to get more expensive for average Canadians. The cost of food and living continues to rise, as well, gas prices continue to soar to numbers never seen before. 

In June, the federal government released the Consumer Price Index for May of 2022, for which they credited the higher inflation rates to the 12 percent increase in gas prices and higher prices for services such as hotels and restaurants.  

Grocery prices continued to remain elevated in May, rising 9.7 percent to match the gain in April. The Index indicated that supply chain disruptions, as well as higher transportation and input costs, are to blame for the rising cost of food.