Kenora MP Eric Melillo says he’s concerned to see gas prices remain stagnant in northwestern Ontario, despite price drops of over 10 cents elsewhere across the province.

Ontario currently has the least expensive fuel prices in all of Canada at an average of $136.5 per litre, yet prices remain at $154.9 per litre in Kenora, $152.9 in Dryden and $160.9 in Sioux Lookout.

“It’s obviously very concerning to see that prices in northwestern Ontario continue to be higher than other regions in the province and the country,” said Melillo, who also serves as the Shadow Minister for FedNor.

The Kenora area has the most expensive fuel price in Ontario, and we’re currently the 11th most expensive fuel in all of Canada.

“But even further to that, inflation has been rising and it’s really impacting all items,” adds Melillo. “Grocery bills are going up. Housing costs are skyrocketing. It’s getting harder for folks to get by.”

Due to the country’s rising rate of inflation, Canada’s Consumer Price Index rose 4.7 per cent in October, up from a 4.4 per cent increase in September. It was the largest gain since February of 2003.

“That’s why we’ve been pushing from the federal point of view for an approach from the government that is focused on prudent fiscal management, instead of printing money that is going to lead to further price increases across the board.”

As it stands, fuel prices are up 50 cents compared to 2020’s average price of $104.9 per litre in the Kenora region, with statistics compiled by GasBuddy.

Since January, Canada’s grocery and food prices have risen about five per cent across the board, with some products seeing increases of over 20 per cent. The United Nations’ Food Agency says around the world, food prices are the highest they’ve been since July of 2011.

Canada's national debt is listed at over $1.1 trillion.