The push for more testing at Queen's Park is being felt in the district, as public health experts and governments at all levels try to respond more effectively to the coronavirus outbreak.

"We're now looking at a mobile service," says Ray Racette, the president and CEO at Lake of the Woods District Hospital.

"That's a fairly new mobile service. That's a fairly recent addition. As everything picks up on testing, we expect the number of tests a day to really start  increasing over the next few weeks," he added

The health unit is also working to get a better assessment of how the coronavirus is moving in the district. 

"We have a number of test kits on their way to the northwest. They are coming through public health this time. We've been asked to help with their distribution," said the acting medical officer of health, Dr. Ian Gemmill Thursday.

"We are going to make sure all the assessment centres have them, and also that they are out to long-term care homes. If long-term care homes have anything that might resemble coronavirus, they can do the testing right away," he said.

The province has been pushing to increase the number of COVID-19 tests, so governments at all levels can improve their planning and response efforts.

Queen's Park hopes to reach 5,000 tests a day, in order to improve the response to the coronavirus.

A province-wide database is being created, in order to improve the response to the coronavirus. 

"Everything is being recorded properly, in terms of patient information," noted Racette. 

"We're submitting that into the provincial database, so that everybody is recorded and we can then track specimens that way and we can come back through public health," he added

Assessment centres and isolation centres are also being created across the district, in order to better manage the outbreak. Along with the emergency centre at the Keewatin Memorial Arena in Kenora, similar centres are being created in communities across the district.

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