If you are still unvaccinated from COVID-19, you can expect a call from the Ontario Ministry of Health.  

The NWHU announced on Thursday that people who still have not received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can expect a call, the purpose of the phone call will be to clear up any misinformation and allow for a safe conversation with educated healthcare professionals.  

The NWHU wants to inform the public that these calls are legitimate and urges the public to take the opportunity to gain information about the vaccine and to make an appointment for their shot. 

The NWHU area’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage rate of those aged 12 and older now sits at 87.8% with at least one dose, and 81.3% being fully vaccinated. Over 125,000 shots have been given in the region.  

In other COVID-19 related news, a third booster dose is becoming available to select individuals that fall into high-risk categories deemed by the NWHU.  

During a weekly press conference, the Medical Officer of Health for the NWHU, Dr. Kit Young Hoon, clarified who will be eligible for a third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  

“When it comes to providing third doses, we do follow the guidance from the province. At this time, the province has recommended that their doses be provided for a very specific list of individuals who are immunocompromised, so that's one group and then they have also recommended,” said Dr. Young Hoon.  

“Third doses are for long-term care home and elder Care Lodge residents, as well as residents of other types of senior living, congregate settings. This was announced recently and we are working through the process of ensuring that those individuals are provided [with their third doses],” she continued.  

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