This past week, we've wanted to see your Mom Jeans... wait.... no.... Mom GENES! 

We took your photo submission of you and your mother showcasing how much you look alike! (Get it - Mom Genes?) 

Bree Gatrell submitted her photo of herself and her mother Kandida Morrison and added this to say about her mom: 

"My mom, Kandida :) As I get older, EVERYONE tells me I'm a spitting image of my mom. And I have to admit, this picture sure shows that! My mom is the most compassionate and caring person!" (I've included our phone call to Bree this morning to let her know the good news - find below)

Bree won Kandida a 2-person Inflatable River Raft, an Airhead High Volume Super Pump, a Coleman Chiller and 2 lounging chairs from Canadian Tire Kenora! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos and we wish all the moms out there and wish you a Happy Mother's Day! -Kim

mom genes