Kenora MP Bob Nault chairs the foreign affairs committee for the House of Commons. During a visit to Q104 / KenoraOnline yesterday, he gave us an update on trade talks.

"A lot of NAFTA's concerns, from the United States' point of view, is the Mexican relationship," he said.

Initially, the three countries -- U.S., Mexico and Canada -- were engaged in talks at the same time. However, the Americans and Mexicans have been holding their own talks recently, and they're reported to be close to a deal.

"They're trying to deal with autos, in particular, and the fact the auto industry is shifting to a lower-cost, lower-production region like Mexico and how that effects jobs in the U.S.," Nault added.

A new softwood lumber agreement is also overdue. However, Nault points out the old trade agreements remain in place, while new ones are being negotiated.