NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continued his campaign yesterday with a pit stop in Kenora to visit Kenora NDP candidate Janine Seymour and the surrounding community.

Singh had the opportunity to meet and greet with residents, take pictures and listen to the concerns of area residents.

A traditional tobacco offering was performed by Seymour asking Singh to make a promise to visit the Kenora riding to fully understand the key issues of the region.

“It’s an ask of the people of the riding, this extends beyond the campaign, beyond politics. We need you to come back and we need you to spend some significant time with the people of the riding,” said Seymour

“The way of life here is a lot different, and in here we’re a part of Turtle Island, the natural resources and you know about the forest fires and the struggles that we have here. You need to come back and sit and spend a good time with us,” added Seymour

Singh accepted the offering and is planning on making an extended visit to the Kenora region.

“My commitment to fight for justice extends obviously beyond this campaign and it’s always been a commitment to me from my heart and I absolutely will come back here and spend some good time out here. I’m going to come back and spend some time in the further north,” says Singh

A media scrum was held following the meet and greet to allow Singh to speak about key issues in the Kenora Region and across Canada. Seymour had an opportunity to address challenges and barriers the region is facing. 

His plan includes bringing clean drinking water to indigenous communities, provide additional affordable housing, fight for Truth and Reconciliation, additional support for the tourism sector, and provide more firefighting resources to Indigenous communities.

Kiiwetinoong NDP MPP Sol Mamakwa and Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew were in attendance supporting Seymour and her message.