The NDP wants the Integrity Commissioner to investigate whether Premier Ford violated the Members’ Integrity Act concerning two family wedding events.

Marit Stiles told the Legislature on Thursday that she filed a complaint.

“How are Ontarians supposed to trust that this government has their interest at heart with this cloud of suspicion hanging over them about this government and who has access to them? Ontarians deserve a government they can trust,” says Stiles.

Stiles questions the attendance of developers and lobbyists at Ford’s daughter’s wedding and social last fall.

They paid $150 to attend the social.

She is also asking if there are other similar events organized by the Premier or his staff that should also be reviewed by the Integrity Commissioner.

Government House leader Paul Calandra calls the complaint a smear tactic.

“The drive-by smear of the Leader of the Opposition—tried this once; the Integrity Commissioner has said that there was no issue with it. The Premier has answered the question. So let’s try another smear tactic; let’s try bringing the family into it,” says Calandra.

Ford said earlier this week that he went to the Commissioner who found nothing wrong.